Rooster Chases Off Sandhill Cranes To Defend Food In Florida

Sandhill Crane

Sandhill cranes are a pretty sweet bird.

4 feet tall, awesome sounding call, fights off alligators, and above all else, these red meat birds have the coolest nickname out there: The Ribeye of the Sky.

So when I stumble upon a video of a sandhill crane coming beak to beak with a measly rooster, I thought I was about to witness a murder.

Sure, roosters puff out their chest and can peck at you, but that’s gotta be no match for the mighty sandhill, right?


The rooster’s owner captured this video in Lake Wales, Florida, where two sandhill cranes started walking up her yard to get some of the chicken feed that had just been put out.

Now, roosters are known to be territorial, so I wasn’t think this guy would just roll over, but I did not expect what played out.

One of the cranes gets close and snaps at the rooster, probably trying to scare it off.

But the rooster is having absolutely none of it. It immediately squared up and began jumping and pecking at the crane, running it down across the street and out of its yard.

It all happened so fast, but there was no denying it; the rooster won and the crane lost.

Yet another reason why my opinion of what animal would win should never be trusted.

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