Racecar Hits Deer At Full Speed Sending It To The Tree Tops In Wild Vintage Video

Race car deer

That is a wild one.

Getting hit by a car is bad enough for these deer, but make it a racecar and you have an interesting formula.

Hillclimb racing is a thrilling motorsport that drivers race high-speed ascents up steep hills, on narrow, winding roads. The cars used in hillclimb racing are specially designed to tackle these challenging courses, with powerful engines, lightweight construction and aerodynamic shapes.

These machines are built for speed, and they can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just a few seconds. Some hillclimb cars can reach speeds of up to 150 mph or more.

To achieve these blistering speeds, hillclimb race cars are designed with aerodynamics in mind. The bodywork is sculpted to minimize drag and maximize downforce, which helps keep the car planted to the road and improve handling at high speeds.

Deer are known for their size and strength. They usually weigh 100 pounds or more. They are known to have a significant mortality rate due to vehicle collisions.

With the aerodynamic design of the hillclimb racecars, it’s clear they aren’t made to hit animals.

The deer is the perfect height to use the car as a launch pad.

This hillclimb car is seen rounding a corner and accelerating. A deer sprints out right in front of it and gets nailed square on.

The deer rockets up into the sky and is last seen going into the tops of the trees.

These deer should not mess around with racecars.

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