Fishermen Find Texas Woman Alive In Submerged Jeep 2 Days After She Went Missing

Jeep crash

Terrifying story coming out of Texas over the past few days.

Fishermen on Lake o’ the Pines in Marion County called to alert authorities to a Jeep Wrangler almost fully submerged under the water’s surface. A tow truck arrived and when the fishermen who called took one of the workers out to hook a rope on it, they made a horrifying discovery.

There was a woman alive inside the vehicle.

What began as a tow job became a life saving mission. The worker and fishermen helped get the woman out of the jeep and pulled her to safety in their boat.

An ambulance was called in and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. That’s when police identified her as a woman who had been reported missing from a town 24 miles southwest of the lake.

The report was made just a few hours before the rescue but her presence had not been known since 2 days prior. Her name hasn’t been released and there’s been no update on her condition.

The Jeep was found 40 feet off the boat ramp and it’s unknown how long it was in the water, but authorities say they discovered nothing that indicated foul play.

Many questions remain unanswered. Why was she reported missing? Why was she 24 miles from home? How did the Jeep get in the water? How long was she down there for?

Hopefully answers will start to come in over the next few days, but let’s just be super thankful she was okay and the men were able to get her out of there safely.

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