Taylor Swift’s Breakup Inspires Flood Of Pete Davidson Jokes

Pete davidson taylor swift

Country music singer turned pop sensation Taylor Swift has flooded the entertainment media stream in recent days as news of her break up with her long time boyfriend became public. Swift and her significant other, actor Joe Alwyn, had been together for the past six years.

The exact reasoning for the breakup is uncertain, but People Magazine reported that boyfriend Joe Alwyn “struggled with Taylor’s level of fame and attention from the public,” and the couple slowly grew apart because of it.

Taylor Swift fans, who are coined “Swifties,” have seemingly taken the break up harder than Swift. The tone of her album releases since the pair got together (Midnights, Folklore) had shifted from regretting love to embracing it (according to Swifties), so the news hits that much harder for people who are invested in the Taylor Swift catalogue.

However, after this news, I would imagine that the 12 time Grammy-winner will cook up an absolutely banging break up album. With her loyal following and her knack for demolishing past partners through song, the album following this will undoubtedly be a Billboard chart topper upon its release.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “Swiftie,” but I can appreciate what Taylor Swift has accomplished. She bet on herself and she won. Though I really enjoyed and preferred the country era of Taylor Swift, she adapted to pop music and has crushed it commercially, and she “stuck it to the man” by re-recording her albums so that she owns her own music.

I also know to be very careful around her diehard “Swiftie” fan base. I once worked with someone who said their favorite artist was Swift, and when they asked who mine was, I mentioned a few favorites and one happened to be John Mayer. I knew that Mayer and Swift had been together (and it didn’t go well, listen to Swift’s “Dear John”), but I didn’t think that would be a big deal.

That co-worker never talked to me again and put in their two weeks the next day (true story). I can’t think of another reason why they left other than that, but I hope it wasn’t my fault. If it was, props to them for being incredibly devoted to Taylor Swift.

But speaking of Swift’s “Dear John,” that is just one of many break up songs that Taylor Swift has released. Many of the relationships she has been in have not lasted for as long as this one did with actor Joe Alwyn. There were even rumors that Swift and Alwyn had spoke about getting married (or even already had been married secretly).

Now, the news breaks of their split right in the middle Swift’s Eras Tour (marketing genius) and she can take time on the road to completely eviscerate her former romantic partner through song writing. Then, she can release an album that goes platinum immediately, announce a “Now That We’re Done” tour, and “Swifties” will happily throw thousands of dollars her way and break Ticketmaster again.

Taylor Swift = Music Industry Mastermind.

Also, as always when a prominent celebrity becomes available on the dating market, the “Pete Davidson Incoming” memes have completely overwhelmed the internet:

Considering his relationships with Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Emily Ratajkowski and more, I wouldn’t put it past him.

I might as well go ahead and write the “Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift Dating” article, because we all know the former SNL cast member will inevitably swoop in.

Until then, here’s their “Three Sad Virgins” sketch from Saturday Night Live:

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