Black Bear Cub Emerges From Den At Yellowstone National Park

Black bear cub

We’re now in April, and that means that bears are beginning to come out of hibernation.

In the fall, bears begin to eat massive amounts of food, from berries to salmon, in an effort to build up their fat reserves so they can stay nourished while hibernating for the winter.

As winter rolls on and days get colder and shorter, bears will pick out their den in which they decide to camp out for the winter.

During hibernation, bears slow their metabolism and heart rates, and their body temperatures drop as well, and they won’t touch any kind of food, drink or anything as they hibernate for several months.

But now we’re in the time where bears are ending their hibernation and coming out of their den.

We recently saw this happen with a grizzly bear in British Columbia, when their notorious grizzly, Boo, was seen digging his way out of snow to exit his den, as he was one of the first bears to end hibernation in a park this year.

And now, we’re seeing this happen once again, but this time it’s a black bear cub, and it all went down in Yellowstone National Park.

In the video, you can see the black bear cub shuffling around in the den, trying to make its way out.

And what’s the good news of this? This means we have a ton of wild bear footage coming our way here over the next few months, some of the most intriguing videos of them all.

“It’s the time of year that bears are starting to emerge. Be bear aware. Carry bear spray and know how to use it. Be alert, make noise, hike in groups, and stay on trails.

If you encounter a bear, never run.”

Check it out:

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