Watching The Easter Bunny Drop Haymakers On Some Guy In Florida Is An All-Time Great Easter Tradition

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter.

What better time to revisit the most incredible Easter video of all time, and no, I’m not talking about Alan Jackson’s “Amazing Grace.”

I’m talking about the legendary 2019 video of some dude in Florida getting his ass WHOOPED but a dude in a bunny costume.

According to Click Orlando, it all started when a man allegedly spit on a woman, and then a physical altercation ensued. The Easter bunny runs to the rescue and starts throwing absolute haymakers.

The bunny says he’s ordinarily not a fighter, but he had no choice:

“I am the type of person to avoid fights by any means necessary, but in that situation, I would fight any day.

“The guy was, I don’t know if he was bullying her or what, so then I see him spit on her and she starts hitting him and everything.”

When asked if he was worried about getting arrested on Easter, he says the thought crossed his mind:

“The thought went through my head when the cop came over, but you know I didn’t leave. I didn’t run. I said, ‘You know what? This man deserved it.’

You know, if I have to be arrested for this to prove a point that this shouldn’t be happening, then so be it.”

The man in the costume says he just wanted to hop around (no pun intended) some Orlando bars and make people laugh.

Welcome to Florida.

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