Watch Tyler Childers & Senora May Cover The Hank Williams Classic, “Old Country Church”

Tyler Childers Senora May country music

Man, is it good to see Senora May sitting at the side of Tyler Childers to bring us another phenomenal duet.

We all know and love the video from about five years ago of the couple sitting on an old church pew singing “Sad Songs And Waltzes” and “The Wonder And The Why,” but it has been a minute since we have heard their mesmerizing harmonies.

In case you forgot, here you go.

And here’s another.

A while back, the couple sat down to cover the song “Old Country Church,” recorded by the legendary Hank Williams, for a virtual benefit concert performance to raise money for flood victims in his home state of Kentucky.

The tune also appeared on Childers’ 2022 album, Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven? The album was the perfect place to house this cover as it fits the gospel messages this song features.

That being said, Tyler Childers and Senora May’s acoustic version is heavenly.

The simple stum of the guitar lets their harmonies shine bright and illuminate the words they sing. As they sing, they are so in tune with the words, focusing on them and occasionally sharing sweet looks with each other.

Senora May has one hell of a voice, so it’s always lovely to hear her accompany him. Maybe one of these days, we will get a studio-recorded duet from these two.

And Tyler’s studio version:

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