Black Bear Has The Time Of Its Life Playing With Soccer Ball & Trampoline In New York

Black bear

Sometimes, bears can be so cute that you completely forget that they have the power to send you to the afterlife in a heartbeat.

Seriously, I almost don’t blame those moron tourists who think it’s a good idea to approach these creatures at national parks like they’re at a petting zoo (that was sarcasm).

And here we have yet another example.

This time around, a black bear was caught on video playing around with a soccer ball and a trampoline in a backyard in Wappingers Falls, New York.

You can visibly see the bear rolling around with both, looking like it is having the time of its life.

Homeowner Anna Cory-Watson was able to witness the rare event, telling Newsweek:

“I was elated when I saw the bear outside my window. I knew I was seeing something I was unlikely to ever see again. And that was before it started playing with the soccer ball. Everything that unfolded in front of me felt surreal.”

She continued:

“I immediately grabbed my phone and started taking pictures. I couldn’t believe it.

The bear played in our yard for a couple of hours. At one point we thought it had taken off but when it came back, it got into the trampoline.”

As many times as we’ve seen videos of bears being brutal creatures whenever they hunt down prey, this one is a nice breath of fresh air.

Check it out:

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