Two Curious Dogs Walk Up To Pack Of Wolves Ready To Make Friends… & The Chase Is On

Dogs wolves

Yep, and I’m once again fully convinced that dogs aren’t afraid of anything.

Seriously, we’ve seen curious pups go toe to toe with bears, and even mountain lions in the past, barking at the much larger and much dangerous creatures like they’ve got nothing to lose.

And here’s yet another example.

In this crazy video, you can see two dogs trot straight up to a pack of wolves with their tails wagging, looking like they’re trying to make some new friends.

However, their hospitality quickly turns to terror when they realize that these wolves aren’t out to make friends, and they quickly begin to chase them down.

This all went down in Abruzzo, Italy, and the video was captured by Raffaele Imondi.

Imondi wrote in the caption:

“The dogs are not mine, they are someone’s dogs, used to walking around alone and in this case they went where the wolves slept, probably looking for food.

In the end the wolves chased them away twice, but without attacking them… allowing the dogs to go away permanently without hurting them.”

Boy, you can’t help but wonder if the dogs even realize how lucky they are. Those wolves could’ve easily chased them down and turned them into dinner, but they let ’em walk.

Check it out:

While you might think that was a close call, it’s fairly common among wolves.

Territorial animals by nature, both protective of the pack and of their food, they have been know to run off animals and “herd” them away from their territory without actually attacking them.

We even seen this behavior with bears in Yellowstone National Park…

Yellowstone Grizzly Is Run Off By Wolf Pack

There isn’t anything much cooler than two different apex predators competing against each other. Head to head, man to man… the battle for the top of the food chain.

Since wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone, there has been nothing but battles over food and territory between them and grizzlies. The two are at the top of the food chain in the area, both feeding on many of the same animals.

Although, one on one, a grizzly has a wolf beaten by a lot in size and strength. However, wolves are a constant reminder of the power of teamwork and that many hands make light work.

This video is Exhibit A.

The wolves are all large canine, yes… but the bear is monstrous next to them. It’s easy to see why the bear thought he might be able to get an easy meal out of them.

However, this was not the case. Wolves not only work as a team, but they naturally do it so well. They find strength in numbers on top of their already impressive strength, making them one of the most feared in the wild.

This video shows a large grizzly coming into the wolves kill looking to have a taste. The wolves were not having it. Being very careful the run it off.

The video starts with three wolves chasing it away. The grizzly makes his way back to the dead animal as the wolves stand around it watching him have a taste. Eventually the figured they were nice enough and they literally escort him out of the area.

It is hilarious to watch some of these interactions happen, especially with animals that are this amazing.

The person who got the video was impressed with the interactions.

“I was lucky enough to witness this epic encounters between a pack of wolves and a huge grizzly. It’s not the first bear/wolf interaction I’ve seen but definitely the closest”

If you’re not sold on a trip to Yellowstone National Park, you should be:

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