Travis Kelce’s Embarrassing First Pitch Proves He Should Probably Stick To Football

Travis Kelce

Sometimes it’s humbling to try something new, and Kansas City Chief TE Travis Kelce learned that the hard way.

The two-time Super Bowl winning tight end was throwing out the first pitch at the Cleveland Guardians’ home opener, and things did not go as expected. From the looks of how the first pitch, it makes sense that he catches the passes from star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

It doesn’t look like the Chiefs will be drawing up any special plays for the Pro-Bowl tight end to throw it after this.

Travis Kelce is originally from Cleveland, which is why he was chosen to throw out the first pitch. If you had to put money on a special guest first pitch to be a strike, you might’ve felt comfortable placing a bet on Kelce.

However, as the NFL star stood on the mound and hyped up the crowd, it was obvious that he might’ve been a little too confident.

The pitch barely made it halfway (if it did at all) to home plate as it bounced past the catcher. It was a “wild pitch” in two ways because 1) the ball bounced to the back stop and 2) no one expected Kelce’s pitch to be that bad.

Right before he wound up to throw it, the announcer stated:

“Hopefully Patrick Mahomes gave him a few lessons before today’s game.”

If Mahomes did give any tips, he isn’t going to take any credit for them after that horrendous pitch. The two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback actually tweeted this in response:

“Ayyyyyy bruhhhhhhhhh”

Kelce knew the pitch was horrible as soon as it left his hand. You can tell by the way that he ran straight to the catcher that he was a little embarrassed, and the crowd let him have it was well.

But let us remember that not just anyone get’s picked to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. Kelce has clearly done some important things to get him to this point in his life, but I’m sure he wishes he could have a second shot at it. The tight-end even blamed the wild pitch on a “football mechanical issue” in a tweet he sent out:

“Been spiking a football for the past 10 year… can you tell?”

At least Kelce has a sense of humor about it. You have to if you are a pro athlete and your pitch doesn’t even make it to home plate. You want your pitch to be more like Georgia QB Stetson Bennett’s recent first toss was:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock