Miles Miller Drops 2nd Single, “Highway Shoes,” Ahead Of Debut Album

Miles Miller country music
Justin Cook

Miles Miller is making a statement.

You may know Miles as the drummer for Sturgill Simpson or from his time with the bluegrass group Town Mountain, but now, Miller is kickstarting his own music career and is ready to make a name for himself… playing his first love, guitar.

With that being said, Miller dropped his second single, “Highway Shoes,” today.

The Kentucky native says the song is all about hitting the road and leaving your troubles behind, calling it:

“A classic love song to the road. Realizing that after dealing with all your troubles, it’s time to just get out of town; hit the road.

About not caring where that road is taking you either, because no matter what, life probably won’t be fair. And while that may seem like a burden, it’s a blessing in disguise.

There’s a lot of freedom on the road.”

“Highway Shoes” is the follow up to his debut single, “Solid Gold,” which is the title track for his debut album.

Produced by Sturgill Simpson himself, Miller weighed in on the new project:

 “’Solid Gold’ is a love story, but about love being around and love leaving.

It’s an entire story essentially about wanting to get back to the love you have, realizing you shouldn’t give it away, to love leaving, hitting the road because of it leaving, feeling love on the road, love from home, to realizing you need to keep walking and wish them well.

It’s an album about the cycle of a love story that crumbles.”

This is one you’re gonna wanna keep an eye on.

Check it out:

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