Dog Chases Deer In Backyard, Sends Them Flying Right Into The Fence

Dog chases deer

That’s a good boy.

I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s so fun to look out your window and see deer in the yard.

You try to quietly call everyone else in the house to look outside and watch them just go on about their day, looking for some food or a place to hunker down for the night. It’s almost always a calming experience and leaves you with a smile on your face.

Well, a family in Poland recently looked out their window and saw three good sized deer hanging out inside their fenced in backyard and got to watch a not calm, but pretty funny, scene play out in front of their eyes.

Turns out they have a pretty large dog (possibly a bulldog) which also happened to be in the backyard and he didn’t really enjoy these whitetails encroaching on his territory.

The dog takes off after them, sending the deer scampering, sprinting in any direction to try and get away. The yard isn’t that big and the deer soon have no choice but to take their chances and try to burst through the fence.

One of them gets absolutely rocked trying to lower its shoulder into a chain-link section, kind of like we saw with these two deer running across a field…

In the end, the deer get away unharmed and the dog gets to feel like a hero, but it was chaos for a few seconds there.

Score one for the dog.

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