Cougar Goes After Lynx In Rare Video


Cat fight! Literally…

And a battle that you certainly don’t see every day.

Kitties of the woods have to scrap it out too, I guess.

Cougars are the largest cats found in North America, with males weighing up to 220 pounds and measuring up to 9 feet in length from nose to tail. They are solitary animals, hunting mainly at night and they ambush their prey.

Lynx are a lot smaller than cougars, with males weighing up to 30 pounds and measuring up to 3 feet in length from nose to tail. They are also solitary animals, hunting at dawn and dusk and feeding on a diet of small mammals like rabbits and rodents.

While cougars and lynx may share the same habitat, they generally do not interact with one another due to their differing hunting strategies and prey preferences. There have been cases of them interacting and the occasional cougar feeding on lynx but it is rare.

So, this video is one of a kind. There’s a good reason it is the only time you see this and it’s old footage… this stuff just doesn’t happen often.

The cougar is seen sneaking up from behind with a quick jolt of speed. The lynx catches wind of it and turns around just in time to meet the much larger cat.

The lynx doesn’t shy away and immediately jumps at the cougar. They send a flurry of blows back and forth with the cougar using its size and strength to get the better end of it.

The lynx breaks off and lets out one mean sounding growl and the cougar decides that it will find something with a bit less fight.

What an amazing encounter.

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