Brooks Koepka Tried To Punch Through His Car Window Twice After Missing The Cut At Last Year’s Masters

Brooks Koepka
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Brooks Koepka knows how to show up for major championships.

The guy has four major wins to his name (two at the U.S. Open and two at the PGA Championship), but he still has yet to claim that elusive green jacket the winner of the Masters gets every year.

He’s come close, as he finished runner up in 2019, but last year was a rather forgettable tournament for the Floridian.

Koepka posted a less than stellar score of six over par, and ultimately missed the cut.

However, this year has been a much different story, as he’s currently leading the Masters after shooting a total of 12 under par between yesterday and today.

But, Koepka is still having a hard time forgetting the way he felt after missing the cut last year.

According to golf writer Jason Sobel, Koepka recalled a crazy moment he had after last year’s tournament, saying:

“I’m pretty sure I tried to break the back window of the car with my fist. It didn’t work the first time, so I tried a second time.”

Perhaps a nod to Mercedes-Benz?

“I guess Mercedes makes a pretty good window.”


Here’s the clip:

How did ol’ Brooksy not break his hand? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that punching a window does NOT feel good, but then again, who knows how hard he actually punched it.

Nevertheless, it appears that Koepka is using last year’s tournament to fuel motivation for this year.

Lets see if he keeps the good play up this weekend, and brings home his first green jacket.

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