It Looks Like Golfer Collin Morikawa May Have Cheated On Live TV At The Masters, & Twitter Went Nuts

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Uh oh…

For those who aren’t too familiar with the rules of golf, when you’re on the green, you’re allowed to mark your ball with a coin, tee, poker chip, etc., pick it up and clean it, and then replace it back to its original position where the ball mark is at.

If you move it any closer, or even further away, that’s a penalty.

Any professional golfer knows this, and it’s just part of the normal routine.

However, it appears that one of the best professional golfers on the planet may have just been caught cheating on live TV while playing in the Masters…

And it’s Collin Morikawa, the 12th best golfer in the world.

On TV, you can clearly see Morikawa place his ball a few inches ahead of his ball mark, and then moves the ball mark back up to where he placed his ball, making the putt a few inches shorter than it initially was.

I mean c’mon, what’s ol’ Collin doing here?

Not only are you a professional golfer playing on the biggest stage in the sport, but you’re on live TV too, and there are cameras everywhere.

Did he intentionally cheat? Did he just have a brain fart and completely forget what he was doing?

There’s no telling, but I guess we’ll see if there are any repercussions once his round is over with.

Needless to say, Twitter saw it all too:

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