Watch ‘American Idol’ Contest Knock A Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “Cold” Out Of The Park

Cold Stapleton

A standing ovation from Luke Bryan.

Covering Chris Stapleton is quite the test of your artistic ability. You can either knock it out of the park, or fail miserably, with very few ‘okay’ performances in between.

The American Idol contestant Kaeyra laid down a chilling version of “Cold” during her audition.

The young artist accompanied herself on piano for the vocally challenging song, and damn, this girl has some pipes. Kaeyra belts out the heartbreaking lyrics with such soul and conviction you are instantly drawn in as the viewer.

The judges sit there in awe, wide-eyed, taking in the performance as she nails each drawn-out vocal slide.

She absolutely nails this tune, deservingly giving a standing ovation from Luke Bryan before the judges begin to praise her.

“I wasn’t expecting that.”

Bryan starts by saying.

“You don’t sound like anybody else. You can tell you’ve sat at that piano. You could just tell that music’s been in your world. It was great, it was really great.”

Katy Perry and Lionel Richie agree that Kaeyra has the vibrato and the soul that a true artist possesses.

And with that, she is off to Hollywood.

Being able to appreciate the covers of tunes shows the power of music. It is incredible to see how artists form songs to highlight their style.

However, without the originals, we have nothing. “Cold” is one of those stellar originals that ages like a fine whiskey.

You can’t beat the songwriting mastermind of Stapleton.

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