Stormchaser Captures Insane Footage Of “Drill Bit” Tornado In Iowa

drill tornado

It’s been a terrible and tragic tornado season in the United States so far this year.

According to NBC News, there have been at least 478 tornado reports across 25 states, doubling the average for this point in a single year, with at least 63 confirmed deaths and billions of dollars in property damage.

These storm cells continue to hover over the Midwest, with authorities issuing warnings in southern Michigan today and telling residents across the nation to be cautious and prepared.

Aaron Jayjack is a storm chaser who has been driving around the region trying to capture footage of some of these intense storms and came across some absolutely crazy looking funnels.

While tornados come in many shapes and sizes, the majority are decently wide. Most are measured in the couple hundred foot range and a specific type called a “Wedge” tornado is at least as wide as it is tall.

At least one of the twisters that hit Iowa was the exact opposite of that.

Called a “Drill Bit,” its funnel was very tight and had a diameter of seemingly just a few feet at its narrowest, stretched far up into the sky, and whipped wildly back and forth.

Truly an insane sight and really makes you feel for the people in the way of these disasters.

Thoughts and prayers for everyone in the area.

Please take the warnings seriously and find a safe place to hide if one of these starts coming your way.

Here’s another video of a Drill Bit tornado he captured in Iowa.

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