Mama Black Bear Helps Newborn Cub Cross Connecticut Road

Black bear
Cristina Glebova

Mama’s always got your back.

Drivers in Avon, Connecticut got treated to a close up display of a mama black bear doing what she does best: Looking out for her newborn cub.

The bear had been noticed before the video starts because at least two people, including the person who shot the video, had pulled to the side to watch it all unfold. The video starts with a motorcycle driving past just in the nick of time to avoid the potential wrath of an angry black bear.

The mama bear then walks to the middle of the street and stares down the idling cars, basically saying “Stop, or else”. She then headed back to the guard rail and picks up the cub, walks him halfway across, then lets the little guy walk the rest of the way.

Can we just admit that cub was one of the cutest animals of all-time? I can see why my fiancée wants to adopt one and cuddle it on the couch…

In the end, it was a win all around. The bears crossed the street and we all got treated to another cool video of wildlife doing it’s thing.

And just wait until a another male shows up to mate next season and these youngsters are still around… male bears have been known to get very aggressive, and sometimes straight up attack cubs when courting their mother.

It’s hard out here for a mama bear…

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