Lassoing Feral Hogs From A Boat Is One Helluva Way To Catch Them

Boating for pigs

We have a major feral pig problem in some parts of the US.

In states like Texas, these invasive creatures wreak havoc on the environment, various habitats, agriculture, people’s property, and even some heavily populated residential areas, costing the country over a billion dollars a year in damage.

And unfortunately, there are these “super pigs” that have been grown in Canada, and are starting to make their way further south into states like North Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota, so it could be an even bigger problem here soon.

So, considering feral pigs aren’t really good for much besides destroying property, people have been trying to hunt them in any way they possibly can.

Hell, even rock star Ted Nugent says he’s hunted the creatures by shooting them from helicopters in Texas.

And if you needed another example of a unique way to hunt feral pigs, just take this video for instance.

Here you can see a feral pig crossing what appears to be a intercoastal waterway somewhere on the east coast of Texas.

One of the guys in the boat is standing on the bow with a rope in hand, getting ready to lasso the creature.

Once the pig notices the people, it takes off in the opposite direction, and another person in the boat jumps out and takes off after it.

The pig turns around and tries to stand its ground by charging at the guy, but the dude wrestles the creature and eventually picks it up before one of his buddies comes to assist.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock