Guy Messing With An Alligator Quickly Learns The Meaning Of “F*ck Around & Find Out”

Alligator bite


This is why we don’t play with fire… this moron got burned.

Alligators are iconic reptiles of the southeastern United States, known for their powerful jaws and impressive size. They are carnivorous and primarily eat fish, turtles, birds and small mammals. They have also been known to eat larger prey, including deer and wild hogs.

Opportunistic predators, they will eat almost anything they can catch, including other alligators. It’s actually pretty wild what you’ll find inside the stomach of an alligator… human bones, dog collars, scrap metal, bullet casings… they’ll eat just about anything.

Alligators have incredibly powerful jaws and a bite force over 2,000 pounds per square inch. For comparison, the average human bite force is around 160 psi. This incredible bite force allows alligators to crush the shells of turtles and the bones of their prey.

While alligators are typically not aggressive towards humans, they can be dangerous if provoked or cornered, and our pets carry an extra-special risk walking along the shoreline of various waterbodies.

Attacks on humans are relatively rare, but they do occur. Alligators may become aggressive towards humans if they feel threatened or if they mistake a human for prey.

This man is seen approaching a smaller gator with a knife looking object and I can only imagine he thinks that he’s going to try and stab through its tough skin with the flick of the wrist and it’s going to lay down and die.

He starts to mess around and stomps on the gator’s snout, and then attempts to stab the animal.

What’s that saying? F*ck around and find out…

This guy finds out the hard way as the gator lunges and gets ahold of his arm. The gator now angry begins to pull and roll as the man panics. It was a short bite, and the gator is relatively small, but you know that had to hurt.

I hate to see anybody get hurt, but sometimes you are just getting what you asked for…

Hopefully, the injury was nothing a few stiches can’t fix.

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