Bowhunter Arrows A Turkey And It Does A Double Back Flip

Turket shot

That’s one wild end.

But… it looks like some wild turkey is on the menu.

Hunting is one of the best ways to deeply connect with nature. Along with that, it’s a great way to source healthy foods.

Wild turkeys are a fascinating species that have been an important part of North American ecosystems for thousands of years. They are known for their distinctive appearance and behavior, as well as their popularity as a game bird for hunters.

Wild turkeys are large birds, with adult males (known as toms or gobblers) weighing between 16 and 24 pounds and measuring up to four feet in length. Adult females (known as hens) are slightly smaller, weighing between eight and 12 pounds and measuring up to three feet in length.

Both males and females have distinctive feather patterns, with males sporting brightly colored feathers and large tail fans that they use to attract mates.

A bird that is fun to hunt. It requires time and patience along with a whole lot of knowledge of the birds behavior. Hunters will sit and talk back and forth with turkeys for hours trying to get them close enough for the kill shot.

This hunter was fortunate enough to have a successful turkey hunt and not just successful but also with a bow and arrow. An even more impressive feat.

The man is seen lining up his shot and nailing the tom. The bird gets hit and jumps into the air, doing a full back flip. Without stopping the turkey does a second one.

It then hits the ground… game over.

What a wild end to the hunt.

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