Shaq Tells Keith Olbermann To “Shut His Dumb A** Up” For Calling LSU’s Angel Reese A “F*cking Idiot”

Shaq Olbermann

Yesterday, the LSU Tigers defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Women’s College Basketball National Championship 102-85.

It was pretty surprising, considering Iowa has the undisputed best player in the country, Caitlin Clark, who has put on a show this whole tournament.

Earlier in the tournament, Clark began going viral for her John Cena “You Can’t See Me” celebration every time she did something big on the court. She would shake her hand across her face, just like Cena did during his WWE glory days:

However, whenever you have a celebration like this, you’re setting yourself up to get mocked by someone out there whenever you lose…

And LSU’s Angel Reese took full advantage of her opportunity to impersonate Clark towards the end of the game, when the National Championship trophy was basically already in the Tigers’ hands.

A number of basketball fans (and quite frankly people who didn’t watch a second of the Women’s NCAA Tournament) thought the move was ice cold, but there was a number who thought it was pretty classless.

The whole thing ignited a massive debate on Twitter, prompting a racial conversation and overshadowing the excitement of the tournament.

And one of those fans calling out Angel Reese but not Caitlin Clark, was the highly opinionated sports talk show host Keith Olbermann.

He quote tweeted the video of Reese mocking Clark and said:

“What a f*cking idiot”

Olbermann added that it wasn’t merely the move that he didn’t like, it was the fact that she did it at the end of the game when the Championship was already in the bag.

“Doesn’t matter the gender, the sport, the background – you’re seconds away from a championship and you do something like this and overshadow all the good.

Mindless, classless, and what kind of coach does this team have?”

A while many agreed, lot of people didn’t take too kindly to what Olbermann said, especially considering Reese a 20-year-old college student.

And one of those people who stood up to Olbermann?

Famed basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, who responded to Olbermann’s tweet saying:

“Shut your dumb a** up leave Angel Reese alone.”

Either way, Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark had the entire sports world tuned into the Women’s NCAA Tournament… trash talk and all, that was fun to watch.

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