On This Date In Country Music History: Hank Williams Jr. Was At #1 With “Texas Women” In 1981

Hak Williams Jr. country music
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It’s always a good day to look back into country music history, and especially so if you are looking back to appreciate a classic Hank Williams Jr. song.

On this date in 1981, “Texas Women” had reached the top of the “US Country Singles mountain.” Now considered one of Hank Williams Jr’s greatest hits, it was the third time that one on his songs had reached #1 on country charts.

The quick-paced country song only runs out to be two and half minutes long, but the two minutes is a hell of a ride. The steady, toe-tapping rhythm and the classic lyrical charm of Hank Williams Jr. made the song a surefire chart topper.

The chorus of the song could very well be the anthem of many Texas men (or citizens of any of the 49 other states really), and I have to think that the lyrics have to be hanging in some sort of “artsy piece” in a Texas home somewhere:

“I’m a country plowboy, not an urban cowboy
And I don’t ride bulls but I have fought some men
Drive a pickup truck, trust in God and luck
And I live to love Texas women…”

Can I get a Yee-haw? That is as good as it gets from the country music legend.

“Drive a pickup truck, trust in God and luck” is surely some Hank Jr. fan’s social media bio as well.

Reminisce on the golden days and listen to the country music classic below:

And if you prefer the “Official Music Video” version, take in this “blast from the past” retro music video from when country music artists used to perform their biggest hits on the American television program That Nashville Music:

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