Hornet Flies Down Bride’s Wedding Dress In The Middle Of Her Vows


I think I can speak for just about every married couple when I say that everybody stresses at least a little bit when wedding day rolls around.

You know, that fear weighing down the back of your mind that something is inevitably going to go wrong.

From someone forgetting the ring, to everybody complaining about the food, it’s virtually impossible for everything to be absolutely “perfect” on the big day.

However, I’m sure what happened in this video was the last worry on this bride’s mind going into the wedding.

In this video, you can see a bride and groom standing at the alter and sharing each other’s vows, when out of nowhere the bride begins to pick at the back of her dress.

You can see she’s obviously grimacing in pain and/or concern.

Eventually, they have to put a pause to the wedding, because one of the bridesmaids noticed that it was a whole HORNET that flew down her dress.

They try to make a joke of it, with one of the bridesmaids saying:

“Honeymoon’s coming a little early… Look away Austin, look away.”

The groom and a bridesmaid work their hardest to get the hornet out of there, but the bug keeps making its way further and further down the dress.

Luckily, the groom is able to remove the hornet, and the wedding is able to resume as scheduled.

Just can’t be perfect, can it?

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