Colby Acuff Drops Brand New Single, “Boy And A Bird Dog”

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Colby Acuff has done it again.

The Idaho based artist of “If I Were The Devil” fame released his latest single recently, the sportsman’s anthem “Boy & A Bird Dog.”

A clever account of the irreplaceable relationship between a boy and his dog, and the passion they both share for a good hunt, Acuff paints an incredible picture through his imagery laced lyrics of those early mornings that make such a relationship so special.

An authentic track from one of country music’s most promising up and comers and passionate outdoorsmen, fishing and hunting have been an important aspect of Acuff’s life for as long as he can remember, growing up in the sportsman’s paradise of Coeur d’Alene in Northwest Idaho.

Give Acuff’s “Boy and a Bird Dog” a listen here:

“Well, he’s chompin’ at the bit at 5 a.m.
Oh, and he’s scratching at the door, trying to get in
Yeah, it’s instant coffee in a Styrofoam cup
And we’re sitting in the field while the sun comes up
Oh, I got my granddaddy’s shotgun, an ol’ .410
He’s gettin’ on a scent with his nose in the wind
Bologna and bread on an ol’ pine log
Just a boy, livin’ large with his ol’ bird dog…”

His second single of 2023 thus far, “Boy and a Bird Dog” follows the extremely well received release of “Western White Pines” this past February. With three full length records under his belt dating back to 2020, Acuff has proved to be a prolific songwriter and recorder, and with one of the best live bands out there backing him, Acuff has managed to put together something special. And people are taking notice.

Catalyzed by his biggest hit to date, “If I Were the Devil” off of his 2021 album of the same name, and bolstered by an overall strong catalog of music, Acuff has headlined venues across the country and found himself playing big time shows on festival lineups and in support of artists such as Lainey Wilson, 49 Winchester, Flatland Cavalry, and many more.

If you’ve managed to make it this far without paying much attention to his music, I advise you take this opportunity to change that.

Colby Acuff is an artist on the rise, and with unprecedented momentum in his favor, he is undoubtedly an artist every country music fan needs to know.

“If I Were the Devil” – If I Were the Devil (2021)

“Western White Pines” (2023)

“Last Buffalo” – Honky Tonk Heaven (2022)

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Life of a Rolling Stone – Life of a Rolling Stone (2020)

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