Streaker Wreaks Havoc During Texas A&M Vs. Texas Baseball Game


We all know the people in the fine state of Texas nearly worship the sport of football.

But if you ever thought they don’t like to get a little rowdy at some baseball games, think again.

Last night, the Texas A&M Aggies squared off against the Texas Longhorns in College Station last night, for one of the biggest rivalry games in the state.

Everybody was relatively cool, calm, and collected for the first half of the game, until it all changed in the top of the fifth inning.

While the A&M pitcher was warming up, out of nowhere a streaker ran onto the field wearing a wrestling mask, no shirt, and held a sign that read:

“Longhorns Suck!”

Oh yeah, and he pulled his pants down and gave everybody in the stadium a half moon for a brief amount of time before pulling them back up.

As he was running, he was able to make it off the field without getting tracked down by any security.

However, the police was waiting for him once he crossed over the right field fence, and he went straight to the ground and put his hands behind his back before being charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

Now I’ll admit, this was a bold move if this was a college student.

My guy was willing to go to jail, and possibly even get kicked out of school (which is a pretty good possibility considering he literally showed his arse to the crowd) just for a little bit of internet clout.

Successful mission? I guess that’s up to him.

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