Moose Vs Mercedes: Colorado Bull Attacks Car In Boulder County


Eh, it’ll buff out…

A few years ago during the rut, Chris Devlin was out for a nice afternoon in the beautiful Colorado wilderness when he came across both a beautiful, and horrible, sight.

A young bull moose was eyeing up a parked Mercedes Benz sedan who’s owner was no where in sight, out enjoying Rocky Mountain landscape.

He kept his distance and captured a video of the bull lowering it’s rack and sparring with the car, leaving some good scratches which caused over $3,200 in damage. He tried to scare it off, but the moose was having none of it and the damage was already done.

The car’s owner, Jake Wheeler, spoke to Unofficial Networks about the incident.

I came back to this cardboard note on my car, with a couple of scratches all over it.

I had no idea, I thought someone attacked my car and maybe this guy was just leaving me a note, like ‘hey, I saw somebody attacking your car.’ It turned out to be a moose that attacked my car.”


Can’t imagine dropping a small fortunate on a car only for it to become a punching bag for a thousand pound, antlered animal.

You can see the damage on the car in the below video.

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A beer bottle on a dock