Miranda Lambert On The Possibility Of A Role On ‘Yellowstone’: “If I Can Play Myself, That’s A Little Bit Easier On Me”

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How has this not happened already…

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight on the set of Miranda Lambert’s shoot for her new partnership with Ranch Water, she didn’t totally dismiss the idea of one day appearing on the hit Paramount series Yellowstone.

And while we still don’t really know for sure what the future holds for the show, I, for one, would absolutely love to see the Texas cowgirl herself out on the Dutton Ranch in Montana.

She has actually made a brief appearance on an earlier season in the cowboys’ bunkhouse, though, where they have a poster of her 2009 Revolution album hanging on the wall, which Miranda called her “baby posters” during the ET interview:

“My baby posters … I was, like, 19 in that picture.”

I don’t know if she quite knew what the reporter was talking about, though, because Miranda was almost 26 when that album came out, but I digress…

When pressed on the idea of taking a role on the show, or even just making a short cameo in a scene one day, Miranda said that acting isn’t necessarily her favorite thing.

But she also said that if she can play herself, or at the very least a character that is basically just her with a different name, she’d be open to it:

“I’ve never been an actress. It’s not my favorite thing. I’ve done one thing and it was probably the one.

I’m not saying I won’t ever do it again. But if I can play myself… that’s a little bit easier on me.”

Of course, her friend and fellow country singer Lainey Wilson scored a role playing a musician named Abby on the current season (which is currently on a mid-season break as far as the network has announced), and I could totally see Miranda doing something similar. Lainey basically plays herself on the show, too.

Actually, I think having the two of them on-screen together would be even cooler…

Miranda previously acted on an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit back in 2012, but that’s about as far as the extent of her professional acting goes.

At the very least, I think it’s high time Taylor Sheridan and the team who picks the incredible music you hear on the show features some of her songs, and she says she might’ve mentioned that to Taylor when they saw each other at the recent Texas Medal of Arts event:

“I actually was at a thing in Texas, Taylor Sheridan got a Texas Medal of Arts and I did as well.

So we got to talk about, you know, this lifestyle… I was pushing my songs for the show. I was like, ‘I have some tunes, man, here they are!'”

Gotta love a girl who goes for what she wants…

And speaking of Revolution, I think one of these would be perfect for Yellowstone, in case they need a few suggestions:

“Me and Your Cigarettes”

“White Liar”

“Only Prettier”

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