Buck Gets His Antler Stuck In A Rope And Hilariously Swings Back And Forth Trying To Escape

whitetail deer

Just like an amusement park…

You wouldn’t believe something like this unless you saw it.

White-tailed deer are one of the most known and beloved creatures to roam North America. Hunters and non-hunters can all agree they are a beautiful and majestic animal.

White-tailed deer are large animals, with bucks weighing up to 300 pounds and standing over 3 feet tall at the shoulder.

They’re adaptable animals and have learned to live in and around towns and cities. As people continue to grow, many have moved into these areas and actually thrive with increased protection and easy access to food. They have access to lawns and gardens all over the place.

With that comes some unique interactions that could never be predicted. The truth is these things will happen if we coexist.

This buck is seen tangled up in a rope hanging high from a tree branch. The rope is wrapped right around his antler and people are moving in to assess the situation and try to help out.

The buck starts to panic and tries to take off in a full sprint. But, the rope is only so long. As it reaches its end, the momentum causes the deer to swing high up in the air before coming back down. He then takes off in the opposite direction and does it again. Then again.

The poor deer has no clue what’s going on and will probably have to get tired out before anyone can help.

Luckily, the guys are eventually able to catch him and cut the rope loose, sending the (probably by this point disoriented) deer on his way.

But, this is just downright hilarious. The deer swing.

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