Willie Nelson And His Daughter, Paula, Team Up For Duet Of His Stellar 1973 Deep Cut “Pretend I Never Happened”

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This is such a cool project.

Willie Nelson has been recording a few duets with his daughter Paula, and they recently released a new duet version of his stellar deep cut “Pretend I Never Happened.”

It’s part of something Paula has been working on with producer Bruce Robison on his The Next Waltz label, after she had the idea to record some of her favorites of her dad’s songs.

In the end, they wound up with a pair of sweet father-daughter duets, the other one being “Slow Down Old World.”

“Pretend I Never Happened” is a solo write from Willie’s 17th studio album Phases and Stages, which is a concept album, as the songs tell the story of a divorce, with side 1 telling the man’s side and side 2 telling the woman’s perspective.

Of the whole experience recording with her dad, Paula says it’s easily her “all-time favorite musical experience, on every level,” and it’s cool to see these two teaming up to breathe life into songs that are decades-old now.

She added that doing it with Willie has been so special, because she knows how much it means to him, and knowing how proud he is of her is a feeling that can’t be replaced:

“Recording this with my dad is so special because it’s his song, so I knew already how much it meant to him.

And it goes without saying how much it means to me to hear him say how proud of me he is.

It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe but will stay with me forever.”

Check it out:

“Pretend I Never Happened”

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