Casey Donahew Shares Set List For Show With “No Cussing Or Foul Gestures”: “Koe Wetzel Wouldn’t Have Made It Through Soundcheck”

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Jody Domingue

This is gold.

I feel like even just the name Koe Wetzel is synonymous with drinking, having a good time, middle fingers in the air, and more than a few F-bombs.

Of course, the Texas rocker is known for being just a little bit rowdy both on and off stage, but I’d also argue that’s a large part of his appeal.

However, plenty of his Texas country counterparts keep their live shows a little bit more clean and family-friendly, as is evidenced perfectly by Casey Donahew’s set list.

Casey shared a photo of one from an appearance at Texas Forever Fest in Plano this past weekend, which had some pretty clear rules about what was and was not allowed on stage.

A sentence underlined and in bold lettering read:

“Family show, no cussing or foul gestures.”

Casey hilariously shared the photo on Instagram with a caption saying that “Koe wouldn’t have made it through soundcheck”:

“Family show…. @koe_wetzel wouldn’t have made it thru Soundcheck.”

Touché… you can’t really argue with that.

Koe also responded with the perfect comment:


And you know what, Casey’s probably right… may we never forget what happened at the Great Texas Ballon Race

Something tells me Casey will probably never be covering “Cabo,” from Koe’s 2022 Hell Paso record, at a concert…

But I’d be more than happy to hear his Kip Moore cut “Telling on My Heart,” from his great 2022 album Built Different:

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A beer bottle on a dock