Walleye Fishing Tournament Cheaters Plead Guilty To Felony Cheating & Misdemeanor Unlawful Ownership Of Wild Animals

Walleye cheaters


Maybe the most sensible thing these two have ever done…

If you don’t recall, anglers Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky went viral for all the wrong reasons last October, when they were caught stuffing their walleye with eight-pounds of sinkers during a walleye fishing tournament on Lake Erie in Cleveland.

Although they were caught red-handed, the two initially pled not guilty.

Since then, allegations have come out against the two in past fishing tournaments, where they were believed to be cheating in those as well.

Not to mention, Chase Cominsky recently had another set of unrelated charges dropped on him, as he was charged with stalking his ex-wife, and supplying his 18-year-old son with counterfeit money.

With that being said, it appears the two have had a change of heart, as they are now pleading guilty to a felony count of cheating and a misdemeanor animal ownership violation.

The boat and trailer they used when they cheated was forfeited, and the remaining charges of attempted grand theft and possessing criminal tools were dropped, according to FOX 8.

The pair is set for sentencing on May 11th., and most likely, they’ll be looking at 6 months of probation and avoid jail time.

Organizers of the fishing tournament have now stated that they will use metal detectors and lie detectors in future tournaments, to assure something like this doesn’t happen again.

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