Great White Shark Leaps Out Of Water To Steal Fisherman’s Catch On Cape Cod Bay

Shark attack

This is kind of exactly what you want on a fishing trip.

While out on the water, the goal is obviously to catch some nice fish. But the goal is also to come home with at least one good fishing story, which is exactly what these two groups aboard the Stunmai II on Cape Cod Bay came away with a few years ago.

The video starts with a group of young fishers out for stripers. One of the girls hooks one and is reeling it in when it gets hit from below by a pretty decent sized shark. It bit off the back half of the striper and kept coming back to finish the job.

Of course, she hits the captain with the ultimate unaware question…

“Can I leave it there for bait so I can see it?”

She couldn’t even get all the words out before the captain yells an appalled “No!”

The video then cuts to later in the day with a different group of fishers, these guys a bit more, shall we say, experienced.

Two of the men get fish on simultaneously, which is one of the most exciting things that can happen when fishing with your buddies, when one of the stripers gets attacked by another great white.

But the one doesn’t just nibble from below.

This great white shark leaps out of the water, fully above the surface, and gobbles down the catch.

Everyone is immediately awe-struck, especially when the captain confirms it was one of the ocean’s greatest predators who stole it from them.

Catch a bunch of nice fish? Check.

Have a hell of a story and video to show the wife and neighbors? Check.

That’s a successful fishing trip if I’ve ever seen one.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock