Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “See Me Now” By Luke Combs

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Happy Monday, y’all.

Today for the Song of the Week, we have a new one from Luke Combs’ called “See Me Now,” from his just-released fourth studio album Gettin’ Old.

Written by Luke along with Kenton Bryant, Ray Fulcher and James McNair, it finds him remembering a father-figure who passed away and all the things they used to do together.

And while he wishes he was still around, so they could still talk politics and strum the guitar together, more than anything, he just wishes he could see what he was up to now and all he’s accomplished.

If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, even if it wasn’t a parent, I think this song will hit really close to home and be a favorite from the new project:

“If you walked in, pulled up a chair in your kitchen
Poured a little somethin’ for some sippin’ and said ‘Tell me ’bout all things that I’ve been missin”
We’d be trashin’ the price of gas and politicians
Put a hurtin’ on an old Gibson
And I could tell you ’bout all the life that I’ve been livin’
I’d like to think I’d be the proudest guy in town
If I could see you see me now”

The production is pretty upbeat, and has an almost 90’s country feel to it, which is a little unexpected if you just read the lyrics and didn’t listen to the whole songs first.

It definitely gives it a different, more hopeful feel, even though it’s actually pretty heavy subject matter… which let’s be honest, is probably one of the things Mr. Combs is best at.

And while there are so many good songs I could pick from on the 18-song tracklist, this one has stuck with me and resonated from the first listen.

Check it out:

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