Mike Trout & Tiger Woods Are Teaming Up To Build A Golf Course In New Jersey

Mike Trout

We all know Mike Trout as one of the best players in the MLB.

However, it appears the three-time American League MVP is ready to dip his toes in the golf business.

And by “dipping his toes,” I mean building his own golf course, and he’s gonna have the GOAT Tiger Woods designing it.

According to Sports Illustrated, Trout is planning to build Trout National – The Reserve, a championship golf course in Vineland, New Jersey where he was born, and right near his hometown of Millville.

And it’s pretty much a done deal, as Trout and Woods are planning for a 2025 opening.

Trout expressed his excitement for the new course, and working with Woods:

“It’s pretty incredible having a chance to own your own golf course. Getting Tiger to design it is crazy.

If you had told me before that this would happen one day, I would have said you are crazy. It’s more than I ever thought possible.”

The baseball star has long been a fan of golf, dating back to trips with his father, Jeff, to the local driving range while in high school.

He’s no slouch at golf himself, as he says he’s about a seven or eight handicap, and averages a mind boggling 330 to 360 yards off the tee when he tries to go after one.

Trout continued:

“For me, it’s like anything else I do. I want to be the best, whatever it takes. If it means going to the range or looking at video, I will. I’m not going crazy with it.

Baseball always is my number one priority. I just enjoy golf. It’s a great mental getaway from the game.”

He admitted that the idea dates back to 2020, right before COVID hit, when he and his wife, Jessica, discussed it. She also enjoys playing golf, along with event planning like weddings:

“We sat down and said, ‘Look, if an opportunity comes up it would be a great thing to do. I want to own a course.’ We were close to owning a course when COVID-19 hit.

A lot of stuff wasn’t going our way, so we backed out of the deal. We just said, ‘If an opportunity comes down the road, we’ll explore it.’

Trout also discussed what players can expect off the bat when they play his course:

 “Obviously, it’s not fully done. But when I go to a golf course, I hate waiting. I would rather play a two-and-a-half, three-hour round. And whatever you need, whatever comes to mind, that is going to be there for you. And a lot of cool stuff will be happening in the clubhouse.

I feel like when you go into this golf course, when you pull into the front gate, you want to be excited about just enjoying your day. It’s an escape.”

He also says that he expects one signature hole to have an island green with a number of tee boxes called “Mike’s Choice.”

For all you golfers out there, this is gonna be a must play.

Check out Mike Trout launching them to the moon:

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