Grizzly Bear Snags A Fish Out Of Running Stream With Ease

Grizzly bear fishing

When you get ready to go fishing, you have a checklist of things you’ll need.

You have to make sure you have your fishing pole, extra fishing wire, bait, tackle, and a myriad of other things. Then, you have to plan where you are going, if you are fishing from a boat or onshore, etc… A fishing trip or outing really has more moving parts than you might think.

You know what this bear needed? Its bear paws and quick reflexes. That’s it.

No pole needed. No bait needed. This wild animal bear-ly (sorry I had to) needed anything to catch this fish right out of the water. Simply put, this bear made the art of fishing look incredibly easy.

The bear’s intense focus is astounding to watch. The big grizz lays down, faces the fast moving stream, and waits for the right moment to pounce. When the fish was just close enough to the shore, the bear lunges down into the water and remerges with the fish in mouth, soaked with water from the catch.

The whole thing happens so fast, it’s almost like the bear pulled the fish out of a hat at a magic show.

Take a look for yourself:

The whole thing is a truly astonishing moment in nature that we are all lucky to see on video. Someone just happened to be there on the other side of the stream and caught it all on camera for our enjoyment.

Have you ever tried to grab at something underwater? The task is incredibly difficult without adding in the fast movement of the water or the slippery fish. This grizzly has evidently been dealing with these fishing endeavors for quite some time because that catch was routine for the wild animal.

One might even say it exhibited the qualities of a fishing professional.

And my favorite part of the entire video is after the bear catches the fish, it returns a little up shore and plops down to partake in its meal. The way the bear plops down is eerily similar to how I plop down on the couch with the snack of my choice.

The bear knows that eating is a spiritual experience, and had to get comfy before crafting its very own “Filet-O-Fish.”

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