Fisherman’s 300-Pound Marlin Is Mauled By Whales Before It Even Reaches The Boat

False killer whale

Talk about a once in a lifetime moment.

According to For The Win, a sportfishing guide in Fiji captured the moment false killer whales attacked a 300-pound marlin who was on the fisherman’s line. By the time it got to the boat, there wasn’t much left of it.

False killer whales are actually in the dolphin family, much like their relatives the orca, where they get their name from. Primarily eating a diet of squid and large fish, the can mostly be found in tropical waters, although their range extends to oceans worldwide.

They are also highly social animals, traveling in packs called “pods” that can be as large as 50 whales.

The guide and owner of Freedive Fiji Charters, Jaga Crossingham, posted the wild scene to Instagram, with a caption reading:

“Can hardly believe what we witnessed today! A fired up pack of whales took down this 140kg+ Marlin.”

Sure enough, you can see the whales off in the distance, as it lets go of the marlin carcass. Once they got the marlin on the boat, there was only the head leftover from the attack.

And in the next clip, you can see the whales approach the boat, assuming they still wanted some more of what was left of the marlin.

Crossingham told the outlet that the marlin was hooked for about 15 minutes:

“I realized the whales were starting to behave more like a pack of sharks. The whole attack was only a couple of minutes.”

Just couldn’t resist this massive marlin, eh?

Tough break for the fisherman who looks like they had a beauty on the line… but hey, that’s life.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock