Luke Combs Teams Up With Theo Von And Caleb Pressley For Best Album Promotion Video I’ve Ever Seen

Luke Combs country music

This might be the best album promotion video I’ve ever seen.

Actually, I think it is the best..

Luke Combs’ fourth studio album Gettin’ Old is out everywhere as of this past Friday, and in honor of the new release, he decided to go purchase it on vinyl at his local record store, which is a pretty customary thing a lot of artists do (and film) around release day.

In a hilarious video bit with comedian Theo Von, his PR guy, and Barstool Sports personality Caleb Pressley, the store clerk, things don’t go quite as smoothly as Luke hoped when he gets there…

When Luke walks in, Caleb realizes he looks really familiar, but not because Luke is an international superstar… it’s because they went to high school together.

And funny enough, that part is actually true, as they’re both from Asheville, North Carolina and attended A.C. Reynolds High School.

Caleb remembered him because he dated his sister, though:

“You were that muscular guy… you dated my sister.

You left her for that teacher with the big boobs. And now look at you. Karma.”

His sister, played by comedian Grace Kuhlenschmidt, then walks in, and they all go back and forth about how he’s changed since high school, as Luke continues to try and just buy a his record and leave.

The teacher, Ms. Milkerson, eventually walks in too, and that’s where things get really interesting… but I won’t ruin it all for you. You definitely need to check it out yourself.

Luke shared the video on Twitter, saying he had a feeling this wasn’t gonna go well at all when his PR recommended they film something for fans…

“My PR guy wanted me to go buy my album on release day… Somehow I knew that wasn’t going to go well.”

Luke’s a great actor, and Caleb, who hosts the awesome series Sundae Conversations, is great too, but Theo Von is just on another level… it’s all so damn funny.

If this doesn’t make you wanna buy the album, I honestly don’t know what will.

What a damn trio, too. You love to see it.

Do yourself a favor and check out the full video here:

I haven’t stopped listening to his “Fast Car” cover all weekend long, either…

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