Alaskan Grizzly Bear Runs Down Caribou, Lets Another Grizzly Know Whose Meal It is

Bear chases caribou

What an incredible animal in an incredible place.

Grizzly bears are an absolutely massive animal that loves to hunt and scavenge. They are incredibly good at hunting, killing, and staying alive.

Alaska has the highest population of grizzlies in North America, so if you want to see one, this is the place to go. And if you’re looking for them, you’ll probably find more than one.

This video shows why a person wouldn’t want to get to close to one though. They are fast, powerful and dangerous.

The footage starts with a grizzly running across an open plain. It running alone shows how fast they can move with ease across wild territory. No person can move that effortlessly across ground with shrubs and bushes. We wouldn’t stand a chance.

The video pans and shows a caribou on the edge of a waterbody and the grizzly is clearly beelining it straight to it.

The grizzly hits the water and makes no time getting across that. Noted, never think you are going to out swim or get away from a grizzly in water, they will make a fool out of you.

The caribou runs up shore and hits the water heading back for the other side hoping it put enough distance between the bear and itself.

The bear is on a mission though. It hits the shore and follows the caribou’s path and is straight back into the water with no break.

The grizzly starts to gain some ground. By the time they reach the other side where the water is low enough to walk, the caribou is clearly defeated. It is to tired to even try to move quick, while the grizzly hasn’t slowed down at all.

The grizzly finally gets up to it after a very long run. Immediately it takes down the caribou, it doesn’t seem like a battle at all. It effortlessly drags the animal up onto the shore far form the water. What a beast of an animal to pick up a caribou so easily after going that hard.

The video then switches scenes and now has two grizzlies walking back towards the caribou. The second grizzly came in to check out the kill.

Now this video was crazy enough with the caribou kill. A second grizzly coming into this and getting it all on video is truly a once in a lifetime occurrence. This is amazing.

The other grizzly comes in but the one that killed the caribou lets him know whose kill it is. No fight breaks out but it’s pretty cool to see these interactions.

Witnessing this whole sequence of events is a story that will be told at every hunting camp.

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