Video Of A Dam Opening For First Time In 30 Years Is Absolutely Insane


The power of moving water is truly terrifying.

Sure, you look at a river slowly running past while you’re fishing and get a false sense of security, but when you see what happens when the water starts ripping and things change very quickly.

Just last year we saw parts of Eastern Kentucky get absolutely devastated by a tragic flood, showing that water can cause a whole lot of problems.

And now I stumble upon a video of a dam opening for the first time in years and I’m just blown away.

Taken in Jiroft, Iran, the dam had been closed for 30 years due to some serious droughts, so the insides had gotten all gunked up with mud, silt, and sand.

Well, when they opened the flood gates (literally) the valves were cleared in a hurry and water shot hundreds of feet outwards with insane pressure, sending debris flying and leaving me with a whole new respect for the structural integrity of these dams.

You’ve got to watch the video to see what I’m talking about, words just don’t do it.

Yeah, just wow…

Growing up in Pennsylvania, we learned a lot about the breaking of a dam in Johnstown, PA and the devastating flood which killed over 2,200 people in 1889.

I just hope all the engineers are really keeping an eye on these things, because I’m quite sure the enormous dams we’ve got around the country today will cause way more issues if they break that that one did…

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