Ernest Rips Shirt Off Ahead Of “Shoey” On Stage At CMC 2023: “Heard Warren Zeiders Took His F***in’ Shirt Off”


If you know the country music personality that is Ernest, the above headline shouldn’t surprise you.

While performing at CMC Rocks QLD 2023 in Australia, the Nashville native decided that he didn’t want to be one-upped by someone who had been on stage before him.

Fellow country music artist  (and certified cheeseball) Warren Zeiders surprised the Queensland, Australia audience at CMC Rocks QLD by removing his shirt while singing for fans.

Ernest saw that and said “I can do that too.”

In the TikTok video, Ernest starts to pull at his Def Leppard cutoff and says into the microphone:

“Heard Warren Zeiders took his f***in’ shirt off…”

Ernest then quickly rips off his shirt as fans in the crowd begin to cheer as the laundry hits the stage. The “Flower Shops” singer then readjusts his microphone and picks up his snapback.

As he sits the hat backwards atop his head, he returns to the microphone flexing and says:

“Whole lotta f***in man up here right now!”

Now you might think that the wildest part of the video is over at this point, as the shirtless Ernest prepares to play the next song in the setlist. However, as he reaches down to the stage floor, he brings back up a cowboy boot. I’d like to think this is a fresh, never-worn boot, but knowing Ern, I bet he’s been wearing that boot for years.

The shirtless and peak-male-form Ernest walks over to the opposite side of the stage, lifts the boot up to provoke the audience, then chugs what appears to be beer out of the boot. From the looks of the video, about 80% of the boot beer made it into his mouth, and the remainder ending up on the “whole lotta f***in man.”

After finishing the “shoey” (I’m also reading that the art of chugging from a boot could be called a “Das Boot”), Ernest chucks the beer-soaked boot into the audience.

As always with the charismatic country star, the entire 32 second video is chaotic, artful, and 100% full blown Ernest.

Take a look for yourself at the crazy on-stage scene “down-under:”

@kindil_k Whole lotta man 😂 #ernest #warrenzeiders #cmc2023 ♬ original sound – Kindil

Never change Ern, never change…

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Cheers, y’all.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock