Luke Combs Pens Heartfelt Letter On New Album ‘Gettin’ Older’ – “I’ve Spent So Much Time Worrying If You’ll Love It”

Luke Combs country music
Zack Massey

Country music fans have been excited about Luke Comb’s new album Gettin’ Old, the counterpart to his 2022 album Growin’ Up. The new 18-song album, which was released today, features long time fan favorites “5 Leaf Clover,” as well as the long asked for cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.”

The album matches his maturation as an artist, and Combs penned a handwritten note to truly soak in the moment.

He released the heartfelt letter on Instagram for his fans to see. The writing showed his appreciation for his music, his fans, and also took time for some self-reflection:

“Well today’s the day. My new album ‘Getting Old’ is finally out. To be honest with you, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe we’re 4 albums into this crazy ride.

I can’t believe all the ups and downs, all the accomplishments, all the shows, and all of you, the fans. I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for all the shows, all the stories, and all the memories you’ve given me over the years. I can’t even begin to explain to you how many people’s lives you have changed for the better by believing in me and this music.”

In what really is a retrospective of Luke Comb’s career written by the man himself, he did not stop short of sharing his entire heart and being transparent about his thankfulness and his concerns:

“So again, thank you. I’m so excited for you guys to finally hear this music.

I’m also super nervous. This record is a step down a newer path for me and I’ve spent so much time worrying if you’ll love it as much as I do.

I’ve spent 100’s and 100’s of hours working on this thing and the thought of y’all not digging it is intimidating.”

In the modern age of instant feedback, Combs was clearly worried about the response fans might have for this emotionally-open album. However, he doubles down and states how proud he is of his new record:

“I do know that I’ve put everything I possibly could into this and I have no regrets on the final product. So I hope y’all will listen to it and sincerely let me know what you think.

I truly believe that you guys loving the music what keeps me making it. See y’all on the road!”

The signature of the country music artist marks the end of the letter to his fans, and if you have had time to listen to Comb’s Gettin’ Older, he doesn’t have any need to worry.

Each song after the next is a powerful look at aging and mortality. It’s when Combs flips the switch and sings of living in the present that gives the music a special meaning and makes it so relatable to those who have also struggled with the physical, mental, and emotional toll of growing older.

The album let us see into Comb’s mind, but the personal touch of pen-to-paper letter allows fans a glimpse inside his soul.

A soul that is grappling with aging, yet continues to stay youthful at heart as the years go by both in his musical career and his life.

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