Sierra Ferrell & Brooks Forsyth Put A Modern Twist Doc Watson’s “Deep River Blues”

Sierra Ferrell country music

An ode to Doc Waston.

Sierra Ferrell sat down with Brooks Forsyth to accompany him on a cover of Doc Watson’s bluesy tune, “Deep River Blues.”

If you know anything about Doc Watson, he is a guitar-playing legend. With his roots in bluegrass, many remember him for his flatpicking style; but he also can lay down a blues tune like no other. There was not a genre that Doc Watson couldn’t play.

Sierra Ferrell and Brooks Forsyth are Appalachian and folk music excellencies, so it makes perfect sense that they teamed up to cover a tune to honor Doc Watson.

Brooks is a highly talented guitarist and vocalist, and Sierra’s vocals accompany him perfectly. Their cover posed a modern twist on the classic song, giving it a second life for a new audience.

The gothic setup combined with their rendition of the song gives an eerie folk feel. This cover is the perfect resurgence of classic blues/folk sound.

Keep covers like this coming.

Here is Doc Watson’s original version—a classic.

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