Woman Casually Brushes Snow Off Massive Black Bear On Her Doorstep

Black bear
Viral Hog

That’s probably not the best idea.

Then again, this ol’ boy is probably still half-asleep form the winter snooze.

Black bears are the most common species of bear found in North America. They are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Black bears can weigh up to 600 pounds in some cases. They have a stocky build and are well adapted to climbing trees, which they use to escape danger and find food.

During the winter months, black bears go into a form of hibernation. They do not eat or drink during this time, and their heart rate and breathing slow down significantly.

While in hibernation, black bears are not completely inactive. They occasionally wake up to move around, stretch their legs or go to the bathroom. But, they are not fully alert during this time. Same with when they first come out of hibernation, they have a haze like they are still half asleep.

This woman is seen opening the door to a big ol’ black bear sitting right on her step.

She starts talking to it as if it is a friend.

“You’re full of snow!

Did you turn around because you want me to scratch you? You want this?

Want me to scratch you? Get all the snow off of you”

The bear seemingly accepts the invitation and lets her use a small rake to get the snow off of his coat, before giving a good ol’ shake to remove the rest.

The bear seems satisfied with the scratch and she ends it off telling the bear she loves him. She even tells the bear to sit like it’s a dog and it just plops down right in front of her.

The fella seems to be fairly groggy and perhaps used to getting food from people, but nevertheless, a pretty crazy sight to see.

I just hope she doesn’t try this in the summer time… that bear will be a whole lot more active.

Don’t try this at home people…

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