Rescue Crew Saves Elk From Icy Colorado Pond

Elk ice

Talk about cold exposure…

The Evergreen Fire/Rescue team jumped into action a few weeks ago to save an elk that had broken through the ice of a semi-frozen pond in Colorado.

Elk are obviously no stranger to cold weather and even shed their lighter summer fur and grow a thick, double layered coat which is five times warmer to prepare for winters, according to RMEF.

The thick hairs on the outside trap thousands of tiny air pockets, which, along with the tough undercoat, help to waterproof the elk and keep them warm in almost any circumstance.

But neck deep in freezing cold water is too much even for them, which is why the rescue crew knew they had to act fast.

The team coaxed the large animal towards the shore, where one of them grabbed its front legs and others used poles to help lift the creature out of the water. They were eventually able to get it up and while it was a bit wobbly and clearly extremely cold, the elk was able to get away with no injuries.

Of course, as local authorities tend to do, the crew’s Facebook page added a bit of humor when posting the video of the rescue.

“Another elk ignored warnings, and fell through the ice on a pond this afternoon. Firefighters rescued the elk after neighbors called 911. Although the elk is cold, she seems okay. Firefighters also finished the incident without injuries.”

Kind of reminds me of the time a lady called into a radio station and asked why they put up deer crossing signs on busy streets…

Happy that all ended well and one more elk continues to roam the great western US.

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