Hugh Hefner’s Ex-Girlfriends Say Playboy Mansion Guest House Was “Country Music Chic” Back When “Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers Were Big”

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Even Hugh Hefner… loved country music?

At least part of his household seemed to be greatly inspired by it, according to two of his former girlfriends who are speaking out about their time in the infamous Playboy Mansion on their Girls Next Level podcast.

And on this week’s episode, the two indulged in a conversation about Hugh’s guest house, a property in close proximity to The Playboy Mansion that often housed potential Playmates, and was decorated in cowboy-style “country” décor inspired by the 70s’ and 80s’ country music wave!

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt lightly discussed the makeover they gave the property during their time at the house in the early 2000s. But according to their bird’s eye view, they joked that the intense barnwood theme must have been correlated to Hugh’s former girlfriend’s love for country music:

Holly said playfully of the two bedroom add-on,:

“It was full, original, Barbie Benton 1970s’ country cabin.”

Bridget added,

“You guys, I know I’ve said this before, but this was a country cabin… straight out of Frontierland, like next door to Country Bear Jamboree.”

The two described the guest house as choke-full of reclaimed wood, original antiques, and barn pieces. And the entire look of the house played into the country theme, according to the girls.

Bridget laughed describing the moment she first saw the guest house when arriving to LA to shoot for a potential Playboy opportunity. She called the aesthetic a complete 1800s throwback, which included fetching your own wood for the stove.

All of these elements were in complete contrast to what a future playmate might expect or know of the exotic industry housed there:

“I was just so baffled. I can’t even describe what a weird juxtaposition this was as to what I thought the Playboy Mansion was. And now I’m here in this rustic cabin.”

Holly added that the entire décor scheme was likely inspired by the 1970s’ “country music chic” movement that took hold after a large wave of country music popularity in that same time period.

She even mentioned the rise of Hee Haw as one of the markers they might have used to inspire the decor, as well as Hef’s girlfriend at the time, Barbie Benton, who was an aspiring country music singer.

“In the ‘70s there was a little bit of like country music chic, remember Barbie (Benton) was on Hee Haw and this was back when like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers were big, and there was kind of like a country glam.”

Bridget playfully added:

“I wanted to do Hee-Haw when they brought it back. I feel like I would be a Hee-Haw girl.”

It turns out, there truly are no limitations to country music’s inspiration.

The mansion is currently undergoing renovations:

And you can listen to the full podcast episode, below:

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