Fan Nearly Falls To His Death While Trying To Catch Homerun Ball At World Baseball Classic

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I don’t care who you are… you don’t go to a baseball game without the thought of catching a homerun or a foul in the back of your mind.

ESPECIALLY, if you’re at an important game, whether it’s the College World Series, MLB Playoffs/World Series, or even the World Baseball Classic.

It’s the ultimate feeling of power (or also utter shame if you happen to drop a ball that’s falling right into your hands or glove).

Needless to say, this guy was ready to risk it all to get a piece of this homerun ball hit by Kyle Schwarber last night when Team U.S.A was squaring off against Japan in the World Baseball Classic final.

It all went down in the bottom of the eighth inning, with the U.S. trailing 3-1.

However, the lead was trimmed to just one run when Schwarber hit a solo blast.

It was an electric moment, and everybody and their brother sitting in that section of LoanDepot Park in Miami was hoping the ball would fall right into their hands.

But one fan in particular was ready to risk everything for that ball… even potentially his own life.

When the cameras followed the ball into the stands, you can visibly see one guy leap up over the railing, and was inches away from falling several feet to the stands beneath him.

You have to imagine that this guy’s whole life flashed before his eyes, and almost immediately regretted his decision when he looked out over that railing.

Honestly, I don’t know how he didn’t fall, considering it looks like about 60% of his body is hanging over the ledge at one point.

You already know my guy was counting his blessings after this one.

Check it out:

Ultimately, the United States fell to Japan with Shohei Ohtani striking out his Los Angeles Angels teammate, Mike Trout, for the final out of the game.

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