Carly Pearce Gears Up To Make Her 100th Grand Ole Opry Appearance

Carly Pearce country music

For aspiring country singers, The Grand Ole Opry stage is a landmark moment.

Since the Opry’s inception in 1925, the venue has earned itself an acclaimed position of importance in country musicians’ career timelines. Artists can sell out arenas and break streaming records, but without the Grand Ole Opry invitation, many accomplishments in the industry can seem null and void.

Many artists also look back on their memories at the Opry with fondness because of its star-studded history and importance. And standing in the acclaimed circle to perform is something that Carly Pearce is no stranger to.

Not only has she reached the paramount position of an Opry invitation, she is currently gearing up for her 100th performance on the stage.

“When I made my Grand Ole Opry debut in 2015, I had hopes and dreams that I would be able to align with them in a much larger way as my career progressed.

To now be at my 100th performance and to think about everything that has happened in the years that followed my debut, I am so proud to be a member of the Opry and know that they are a true partner of mine.”  

In honor of her activity and level of success since her debut performance in 2015, the Opry is commemorating Carly’s long string of Opry performances with a special night of celebration on April 22nd, featuring other Opry members like The Isaacs and Ricky Skaggs.

In the meantime, go behind the scenes of Carly’s Opry Member induction:

Carly will release her anticipated live album, 29: Written In Stone (Live From Music City) this Friday with several new duet-style performances of the hit tracks from her 29 album.

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