Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “State You Left Me In” By Jake Worthington

Jake Worthington country music
Jim Wright

Happy Tuesday, y’all.

Today for the Song of the Week, we have a new one from Jake Worthington called “State You Left Me In.”

From his forthcoming, self-titled debut studio album, Jake released the heartbreaking ballad this past Friday, along with a honky tonk heater called “Next New Thing.”

Of course, I was instantly drawn to the melancholy steel guitar and clever writing, as he finds himself stuck in the “state you left me in” after a break-up, of which the girl has seemingly moved on without a second thought.

Written by Jake, a La Porte, Texas native, along with Roger Springer and Timothy Baker, it’s certainly reminiscent of some old George Strait heaters… and what more can you really ask for other than that?

Jake’s new album will be out everywhere on April 7th, featuring a 13-song tracklist, and after hearing these two songs, I’m even more excited to hear what else he has coming for us next month:

Of his debut, Jake says it will be super country and steeped in his signature Texas twang:

“I don’t mind being a dark horse. Blame it on my raising, but I think there ought to be room for country in country music.”

He added that it’s important to him to carry on the legacy he learned from his grandpa by keeping the dance floor full with real deal country music:

“Like my grandpa always says, you’ll know you have a hit song if the dance floor’s full.

A lot of people have told me it’s hard to sell our kind of music, but I don’t care. I’ve always taken the long way around.

I believe in country music just about as much as I believe in my next breath.”

Make sure you check out “Next New Thing” while you’re here too:

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