Nolan Taylor Is Hitting The Road, Opening For Charles Wesley Godwin, 49 Winchester & More

Nolan Taylor

There is a long list of up and comers in country music that are right on the verge of a major breakthrough into the next level of their careers. Nolan Taylor, all of a sudden, has found his name near the top of that list.

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Nolan Taylor has placed himself geographically on the outskirts of the red hot Appalachian country music scene. Sonically, though, he is right in the midst of the action, and people are taking notice. Despite a brief catalog of officially released tunes, only six songs deep, Taylor has been making waves, especially with his hard-hitting track “68,” which has recently surpassed the one million stream mark on Spotify.

The rapidly increasing streams are not the only big achievement Taylor has experienced this week, though. Much to the excitement of his fans across the country, all of whom are chomping at the bit for more of his music, Taylor recently took to Instagram to announce his first ever national tour.

“I am blown away by all the support & happy to announce I’ve got quite the bit of touring lined up. I’ll be supporting these amazing artists & I’m just so humbled to be here.

Thank you Elle King, 49 Winchester, J.R. Carroll, The Cadillac Three, Charles Wesley Godwin, Uncle Lucius. Very excited to also announce some headline shows that are now on-sale too! I’ll see you out there, Onward & Upward.”

The 32 show stretch between March and September of this year will take Taylor’s music to 17 states with 11 headlining gigs and over 20 more in support of some of the genre’s best acts. A great opportunity for Nolan to spread his music to new fanbases, right as his music really seems to be taking off, this tour is bound to be a monumental moment in his budding career.

If you are already a fan of Taylor’s, this is the perfect opportunity to catch his music live. But for anyone who isn’t familiar with his music yet, I suggest you take this opportunity to go on the offensive as well, and seek out his gritty music for yourself.

If my stamp of approval isn’t enough to get you to check it out, the fact that so many incredible artists are bringing Taylor out to open for them ought to be more than enough of a reason to check him out.

I’ll help you get started with his most streamed songs to date below:


“Double Life”

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